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PD Dr. Dominik Hezel

Telefon +49 221 470-6694

Telefax +49 221 470-5199

E-Mail: dominik.hezel(at)uni-koeln.de



  • Stable (Fe, Mg, Si) and radiogenic (Hf-W) isotopes in chondritic components to understand evaporation and re-condensation processes in the early Solar System
  • The chemical relationship of chondrules and matrix (complementarity) to understand the spatial relationship of the major chondrite components
  • Formation conditions of chondrules and their precursor grains and aggregates
  • Origin, formation and evolution of Ca,Al-rich inclusions (CAIs)
  • 3D structures of meteorites


  • Fe isotopes in high temperature rocks
  • The light elements Li, Be and B in magmatic systems and tourmaline.

Computer Modeling

Analytical Expertise

I use a wide range of analytical technique to study extra-terrestrial and terrestrial samples, mostly: electron microprobe, large data mining and analysis, 3D µ-Tomography, solution based mass spectrometry, X-ray fluorescence and µ-Raman spectrometry.



  • Geochemical Seminar
  • Cosmochemistry
  • Geoscience Modeling I    (Introduction and basics)
  • Geoscience Modeling II    (Petrology, Geochemistry, Cosmochemistry)