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Selected Publications

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  • Noack, N. M.; Kleinschrodt, R.; Kirchenbaur, M ( 2013). Lu-Hf isotope evidence for Paleoproterozoic metamorphism and deformation of Archean oceanic crust along the Dharwar Craton margin, southern India. Precambrian Research  Vol. 233, 206-222.
  • Reucher, R., Leisen, H.,  Plehwe-Leisen, E., Kleinschrodt, R. (2007). Petrographical and geochemical investigations on the building stones of the Khmer temples in the Angkor Park/Cambodia.  Zeitschrift der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geowissenschaften, Vol. 158,  pp. 617-629.
  • Willbold, M., Hegner, E.,  Kleinschrodt, R., Stosch, H.-G., Kehelpannala, K.V.W.  und Dulski, P. (2004). Geochemical evidence for a neoproterozoic magmatic continental margin in Sri Lanka – relevance for the Rodinia-Gondwana supercontinent cycle. Precambrian Research 130, 185-198.
  • Kleinschrodt, R. und Duyster, J. (2002). HT-deformation of garnet: An EBSD study on granulites from Sri Lanka, India and the Ivrea Zone. Jour. Struct. Geology, 24, 1829-1844.
  • Kleinschrodt, R. und McGrew, A. (2000). Garnet plasticity in the lower continental crust: Implications for deformation mechanisms based on microstructures and SEM-Electron Channeling Pattern Analysis. Jour. Struct. Geol. 22, 795-809.
  • Gayk, T. und Kleinschrodt, R (2000).. Hot emplacement of garnet-peridotites followed by fast uplift of the lower crust. Hints from the central Vosges Mountains (E-France). Jour. metamorph. Geol., 18, 293-306.
  • Stöckhert, B., Brix, M., Kleinschrodt, R., Hurford, A.J. und Wirth, R. (1999) Thermochronometry and microstructures of quartz - a test for experimental derived flow laws and predictions on the temperature of the brittle-plastic-transition in the continental crust. Jour. Struct. Geol., 21, 351-369.
  • Kleinschrodt, R.. (1996). Strain localization and large scale block rotation in the lower continental crust, Kataragama area, Sri Lanka. Terra nova, 8, 236 - 244.
  • Kleinschrodt, R. (1994). Large scale thrusting in the lower crustal basement of Sri Lanka. Precambrian Research 66, 39-57.