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Dr. Mohammed El-Shenawy


Tel.: +49 221 470 89858

E-Mail: melshena(at)uni-koeln.de

Research Interests

  • Δ17O systematics in water cycle and evaporites (e.g., Gypsum and Halite) and their applications to extract paleoclimate information in arid environments
  • Traditional and clumped isotope systematics in cave environments and their implications for speleothem paleoclimatology
  • Greening of the Sahara and early human migration out of Africa
  • The formation mechanism(s) of carbonates and the history of atmospheric CO2 evolution on Mars
  • Oxygen and carbon isotope fractionation in CO2 – brine system at a temperature range of +30 to -30 ℃
  • Experimental simulation of natural systems in laboratory

Awards and Honors

2017:                          NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship, Johnson Space Center, USA

2015:                          Goldschmidt Conference Travel Grant, Prague, Czech Republic

2014:                          Walter Gibbins Memorial Travel Award, McMaster University, Canada

2013:                           Farouk El-Baz Research Award, Geological Society of America, USA

2012:                           McMaster International Excellence Award, McMaster University

2009:                           Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship, European Union

2006:                           Egyptian Syndicate of Scientific Professions Award, Cairo, Egypt