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CRC 1211 “Earth – Evolution at the Dry Limit”

  • Improvement of knowledge about water sources and hydrological processes in the Atacama Desert
  • Development of a new (paleo)humidity proxy using triple oxygen isotope analysis of structurally bonded water in gypsum

    • Reconstruction of the paleoclimate evolution from semi-arid conditions to recent hyperaridity
    • Identification of pluvial phases in the hyperarid core of the Atacama Desert
    • Elaboration of (paleo)humidity gradients between N-S and E-W

  • Investigation of the influence of fog on the formation of gypsum crusts
  • Testing if plants can utilize structurally bonded water in gypsum as a water source and if humidity can also be inferred from plant water

Sampling of large gypsum concretions found underneath the surface in wide parts of the Atacama Desert.

Pan evaporation experiments were conducted at the Salar de Llamara.

Temperature, pH and conductivity measurement of sampled pond water.