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Diploma, MSc and BSc Theses


PhD Theses

Jan Melchert (2022) - Establishing and improving AMS 14C analysis of greenhouse gases

Anja Wotte (2018) - Purification of CO2 for AMS 14C analysis: Method development and application to permafrost deposits

Matthias Thienemann (2017) - Environmental reconstruction from lacustrine deposits using organic geochemical and isotopic proxies 

Silke Höfle (2015) - Organic matter composition and dynamics in polygonal tundra soils

Diploma, MSc, BSc Theses

Marvin Pöllen (B.Sc., 2020) - Paleoclimate reconstruction for the western tropical Atlantic based on
organic-geochemical proxies.

Lajia Oberholz (M.Sc. 2019) - Climate dynamics during the Panama Isthmus closing, a multiproxy approach.

Johannis Pfennig (B.Sc. thesis, 2019) - Compositional differences of organic matter in Yedoma permafrost: a lipid biomarker study.

Simon Bernhard (B.Sc., 2018) - Carbon dynamics in permafrost affected soils and sediments in the Lena River delta revealed by 14C analysis

Kevin Rieger (B.Sc., 2017) - Lipid biomarker-based temperatur reconstructions at Lake Baikal

Miriam Wiedenhöfer (M.Sc., 2017) - Comparison of the organic carbon distribution in soils of the Arctic and Antarctic region

Jannik Martens (M.Sc., 2016) - A biomarker and radiocarbon based paleoclimatic reconstruction of MIS1, MIS3 and MIS5e using permafrost deposits from NE-Siberia

Andrea Lauss (Diploma, 2014) - Reconstruction of hydrological and vegetation changes in continental Africa during the Holocene: compound-specific dD and 13C analysis of plant-derived lipids from Lake Yoa sediments (Ounianga Kebir, Chad)

Sven Gelking (Diploma, 2014) - Reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes in the Gotland Basin (Baltic Sea) using XRF data and lipid biomarker

Sophia Burghardt (Diploma, 2013) - Composition of the organic substance and biogeochemical processes in permafrost soil of the polygonal tundra in the Arctic Lena Delta, Siberia

Anuschka Buter (B.Sc., 2013) - Dissolved organic carbon input into the Rappbodetal dam

Stephan John (Diploma, 2013) - Verteilung und Stabilisierung von organischem Kohlenstoff in sibirischen Permafrostböden

Tobias Hagemann (Diploma, 2013) - Paleoenvironmental changes in the eastern Sahara reconstructed from Lake Yoa sediment

Sandra Petersen (B.Sc., 2013)- Evaluation of different analytical methods for determining carbon in sediments

Torben Bahnsen (Diploma, 2010) - Analysis of the dependence of matrices of diagnostic PAK ratios at locations with different characteristics of emission

Sina Grewe (Diploma, 2010) - Changes of the environmental conditions in La Bédoule (SE France) - a high resolution study of the OAE 1a with carbon isotope stratigraphy and biomarker analysis

Michael Lappé (Diploma, 2010) - Influence of vegetation, land use and climate on hydrogen isotope compositions of long-chain n-alkanes and distribution of tetraether membrane lipids in Ethiopian soils

Wolfgang Rübsam (Diploma, 2010) - Organic facies development during the Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event in Luxembourg, 2010

Alexander Wagner (Diploma, 2010) - Organo-facies and maturity-reconstruction of Toarc bituminous shale in Luxembourg

Sarah Wurth (Diploma, 2010) - Charge of PAH in soil and sandtraps of Trondheim, Norway