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Earth Surface Processes and Cosmogenic Nuclides

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Our research is concerned with the methodological development and application of cosmogenic nuclides for geoscientific questions. The laboratories (from cleanroom facilities to ISO 6 laboratories) are designed for the preparation of samples for terrestrial 10Be, 14C (in-situ), 26Al- and 36Cl analysis. Furthermore, the chemical processing of heavy ions such as 239,240,242,244Pu isotopes for subsequent measurement using Accelerator Mass Spectrometry is available in our laboratories.

The working group Cosmogenic Nuclide and Surface Processes supervises outer users for the CologneAMS. As part of existing capacity external samples can be prepared for analysis at CologneAMS in our laboratories.


Please contact Dr. Barbara Bock for further information regarding the sample acceptance for cosmogenic nuclides (both rock samples, as well as externally prepared AMS targets).

For sample specific questions please contact Prof. Dr. Tibor Dunai or Dr. Steven Binnie.

For further information, please contact Prof. Dr. Tibor Dunai.