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Teaching (mainly in German)

Field studies in the Kilianstollen mine

  • Evolution and structure of the biosphere
  • Earth and life history (lecture and practical course)
  • Palaeozoic and phanerozoic life and habitats (Seminar)
  • Evolution and Phylogeny
  • Palaeoecology
  • Geobiology (lecture and practical course)
  • Geomicrobiology (lecture and practical course)
  • Biomineralization processes
  • Palaeobiology (practical course)
  • Exercises in sedimentary geology
  • Limnology (Practical Course)
Limnology Course

Excursions / field courses

  • regional Geology and Palaeontology (Bergisches Land)
  • Southern Germany
  • Bretagne (France) recent and fossil coast environments


Current BSc-/MSc Projects

  • Microbial Mineralisation processes in Subsurface environments and related biomarker
  • Spatial and temporal distribution of nutrients in creeks and lakes
  • Reconstruction of palaeoenvironmental conditions of the „untere Plattenkalk“ formation Rhenish Massif (Germany)