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Diploma, MSc and BSc Theses


PhD Theses

Jan Melchert (in preparation)
Establishing and improving AMS 14C analysis of greenhouse gases

Gabriel Norén (in preparation)
Characterisation and degradability asessment of soil organic matter in arctic and temperate environments

Philipp Wischhöfer (in preparation)
Radiocarbon dating of greenhouse gases: technical challenges and applications 

Anja Wotte (2018)
Purification of CO2 for AMS 14C analysis: Method development and application to permafrost deposits

Matthias Thienemann (2017)
Environmental reconstruction from lacustrine deposits using organic geochemical and isotopic proxies 

Silke Höfle (2015)
Organic matter composition and dynamics in polygonal tundra soils

Diploma, MSc, BSc Theses


Lajia Oberholz (M.Sc.) - Climate dynamics during the Panama Isthmus closing, a multiproxy approach.

Johannis Pfennig (B.Sc.) - Compositional differences of organic matter in Yedoma permafrost: a lipid biomarker study.


Simon Bernhard (B.Sc. thesis) - Carbon dynamics in permafrost affected soils and sediments in the Lena River delta revealed by 14C analysis


Kevin Rieger (B.Sc. thesis) - Lipid biomarker-based temperatur reconstructions at Lake Baikal

Miriam Wiedenhöfer (M.Sc. thesis) - Comparison of the organic carbon distribution in soils of the Arctic and Antarctic region


Jannik Martens (M.Sc. thesis) - A biomarker and radiocarbon based paleoclimatic reconstruction of MIS1, MIS3 and MIS5e using permafrost deposits from NE-Siberia


Andrea Lauss (Diploma thesis) - Reconstruction of hydrological and vegetation changes in continental Africa during the Holocene: compound-specific dD and 13C analysis of plant-derived lipids from Lake Yoa sediments (Ounianga Kebir, Chad)

Sven Gelking (Diploma thesis) - Reconstruction of Holocene environmental changes in the Gotland Basin (Baltic Sea) using XRF data and lipid biomarker


Sophia Burghardt (Diploma thesis) - Composition of the organic substance and biogeochemical processes in permafrost soil of the polygonal tundra in the Arctic Lena Delta, Siberia

Anuschka Buter (B.Sc. thesis) - Dissolved organic carbon input into the Rappbodetal dam

Stephan John (Diploma thesis) - Verteilung und Stabilisierung von organischem Kohlenstoff in sibirischen Permafrostböden

Tobias Hagemann (Diploma thesis) - Paleoenvironmental changes in the eastern Sahara reconstructed from Lake Yoa sediment

Sandra Petersen (B.Sc. thesis)- Evaluation of different analytical methods for determining carbon in sediments


Torben Bahnsen (Diploma thesis) - Analysis of the dependence of matrices of diagnostic PAK ratios at locations with different characteristics of emission

Sina Grewe (Diploma thesis) - Changes of the environmental conditions in La Bédoule (SE France) - a high resolution study of the OAE 1a with carbon isotope stratigraphy and biomarker analysis

Michael Lappé (Diploma thesis) - Influence of vegetation, land use and climate on hydrogen isotope compositions of long-chain n-alkanes and distribution of tetraether membrane lipids in Ethiopian soils

Wolfgang Rübsam (Diploma thesis) - Organic facies development during the Toarcian Ocean Anoxic Event in Luxembourg

Alexander Wagner (Diploma thesis) - Organo-facies and maturity-reconstruction of Toarc bituminous shale in Luxembourg

Sarah Wurth (Diploma thesis) - Charge of PAH in soil and sandtraps of Trondheim, Norway