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Dr. Helge Mißbach-Karmrodt

Telefon +49 221 470-89069


Research interests

  • Role of microorganisms in the development of soil crusts and surface evolution in the Atacama Desert (CRC 1211)
  • Formation of calcite, iron and manganese crusts in terrestrial subsurface environments
  • Preservation of organic signatures under extreme conditions
  • Origin of organic matter in ancient rocks

Analytical expertise

  • Lab manager of the geobiology labs
  • Responsible scientist for the GC-MS-IRMS system of the geobiology working group
  • GC–MS and GC-IRMS analysis of ancient and recent organics (including pyrolysis, thermodesorption, solid phase micro extraction and in-situ derivatization methods)
  • Experimental methods using high-T and high-P reactors (e.g. Fischer-Tropsch-type synthesis, hydrous pyrolysis)