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Dr. Steven Binnie

Telefon +49 221 470-89831

E-Mail: sbinnie(at)uni-koeln.de

Some previous and ongoing research

Relationships between denudation, topograpahy, climate and tectonics


  • Deriving denudation rates from cosmogenic nuclides and other techniques to develop denudation rate chronologies.
  • Using basin-wide cosmogenic nuclide derived denudation rate measurements to investigate landscape forming processes.
  • Quantifying sediment mixing and transport times with multiple cosmogenic nuclides.
  • Dating abandoned fluvial features to examine relationships between faulting and climate in arid environments.



Rates of faulting and palaeoseismic records

  • Exposure age dating of offset surfaces to constrain rates of faulting and develop palaeoseismic histories.
  • Developing novel approaches of cosmogenic nuclide sampling to measure rates of fault slip.

Dating of glacial events

  • Dating glacial events using cosmogenic nuclides. Projects in South America, Europe and Antarctica.

Lunar Geomorphology

  • Cosmogenic nuclide measurements in Apollo 16 lunar cores to investigate lunar surface processes.

Methodological developments

  • Constraining terresrial cosmogenic nuclide production rates.
  • Developing novel lithologies and new nuclides for cosmogenic exposure age dating.


  • Field Methods in Earth Surface Processes (MSc)
  • Cosmogenic Nuclide Laboratory Methods (MSc)
  • Special topics in Earth Surface Processes (MSc)
  • Geology and Geomorphology of Scotland, Field Trip (MSc)
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS (BSc)