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DFG CRC 1211: Earth - Evolution at the dry limit (2016-2024)

Project D04: Reconstructing changes of water sources and availability by combined lipid biomarker and online stable isotope and radiocarbon analysis
PIs: Janet Rethemeyer, Markus Schiffer
Researcher: Andrea Jaeschke

AWIPEV research-base Ny-Alesund (Svalbard) project KOP 171 (since 2017)

Microbial carbon turnover and greenhouse gas release revealed by 14CO2 analysis
PI: Janet Rethemeyer
Researcher: Jan Melchert, André Faust

BMBF joint project (2022-2025): MOMENT

Methan production and oxidation in thawing permafrost
PIs: Janet Rethemeyer
Researchers: Jan Melchert, André Faust, Andrea Jaeschke

DFG SPP 527 (IODP/ODP) (2021-2024)

“ENSO-Modoki” on the rise under global warming conditions? A view from the past
PIs: André Bahr (Heidelberg), Andrea Jaeschke