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Refining Chronologies by new Radiocarbon Dating Methods: Towards Molecular Isotope Archaeology

DFG CRC 806: Our way to Europe (2017-2021)
Project F5

PIs: J. Rethemeyer, S. Kusch
Postdoc: M. Gierga

Tracing water availability, organic carbon sources, and life at the dry limit using radiocarbon analysis

DFG CRC 1211: Earth - Evolution at the dry limit (2016-20)
Project D04

PIs: J. Rethemeyer, S. Kusch
Postdoc: A. Jaeschke

Microbial carbon turnover and greenhouse gas release revealed by 14CO2 analysis

AWIPEV research-base Ny-Alesund (Svalbard) project KOP 171
PI: J. Rethemeyer
Researcher: P. Wischhöfer, A. Wotte, J. Melchert, G. Norén, A. Jaeschke

Sources and degradability of organic matter revealed by 14C analysis

The Forgotten Part of Carbon Cycling: Organic Matter Storage and Turnover in Subsoils
DFG Research Unit 1806 (2016-2019)
Project 3

PI: J. Rethemeyer
PhDs: J. Melchert, G. Norén

Regulation of microbial greenhouse gas fluxes from thawing permafrost

Carbon in Permafrost (KoPf)
BMBF joint project (2017-2020)
PIs: J. Rethemeyer
PhD: P. Wischhöfer

The sensitivity of carbon in Arctic permafrost soils to climate change

Swedish Research Council

PIs: R.G. Björk (University of Gothenburg), J. Rethemeyer (University of Cologne) P. Boeckx (Ghent University, Belgium)