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Rock and Palaeomagnetic laboratory

Lakeshore Model 8604 Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

  • Basis instrument without temperature units
  • Standart pole caps allowing for maximum fields of 2.61 T / 2.37 T / 1.96 T / 1.54 T depending on the gap indices (sample space: 3.5 mm / 8 mm / 16 mm / 24 mm)
  • Field measurements (IRM, Hysteresis, FORC) with 1 mOe field resolution
  • Sample rotation

Agico MFK2-FA Kappabridge

  • Three operational frequencies: 976 Hz, 3904 Hz, 15 616 Hz
  • Automatic measurement of the field dependency of bulk magnetic susceptibility
  • Equipped with the up/down mechanism and the rotator for spinning specimen method of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) measurements
  • Equipped with a CS4 temperature unit allowing for high and low temperature measurements (-192°C – 700°C)
  • Optional use of Argon 4.6 protection gas

Agico KLY2 Kappabridge

  • Manual measurements only

2G Enterprise Model 755R Cryogenic Magnetometer

  • 8 Sample track
  • Three-axes AF Degaussion Coils
  • ARM for axial Coil
  • Compensation Coils for active shielding of the first 4 sample positions (Stefan Meyer Instruments GmbH)

2G Model 660 Pulse Magnetizer

  • Field range = 0.01 to 2.7 T

SENSYS FGM3D/100 Fluxgate Magnetometer and Digitizer FGM3D TD

  • Cable length: 6 m
  • Sensitivity: +/1 100.000 nT
  • Precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes

Magnetic Measurement thermal demagnetization oven MMTD60

  • Temperatures up to 700°C
  • Capacity of 60 one-inch specimens
  • Vent pipe leading to the outside

Schonstedt two-chamber thermal demagnetization oven

  • Not in operational mode

Mineral magnetic extraction apparatus

  • Model developed at the ETH (Zürich)
  • Grain size up to coarse silt mixed with fine sand