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Peer-reviewed publications


  • O. Bak, T.S. Holstad, Y. Tan, H. Lu, D.M. Evans, B. Wang, J.P.V. McConville, P. Becker, L. Bohatý, I. Lukyanchuk, V.M. Vinokur, A.T.J. van Helvoort, J.M. Gregg, L.-Q. Chen, D. Meier, A. Gruverman:
    Observation of Unconventional Dynamics of Ferroelectric Domain Walls in Lead Germanate Pb5Ge3O11. Adv. Funct. Mater. 30 (2020), 2000284 (6 pp).


  • Grams, Ch. P., Kopatz, S., Brüning, D., Biesenkamp, S., Becker, P., Bohatý, L., Lorenz, T. & Hemberger, J.: Evidence for polarized nanoregions from the domain dynamics in multiferroic LiCuVO4. Scientific Reports 9 (2019) 4391 (1/9)

  • Bohatý, L., Matulková, I., Císařová, I., Němec, I., Schneeberger, H.,  Kaminskii, A. A. & Becker, P.: Crystal growth, thermal expansion, pyroelectricity and vibrational spectroscopy of barium antimony tartrate trihydrate, Ba[Sb2((+)C4H2O6)2]·3H2O. Optical Materials 91 (2019) 70-79

  • M. Kloda, I. Matulková, I. Císařová, P. Becker, L. Bohatý, P. Němec, R. Gyepes, I. Němec:
    Cocrystals of 2-aminopyrimidine with boric acid - crystal engineering of a novel NLO active crystal. Crystals 9 (2019) 403 (15 pp).
  • L. Bohatý, L. Bayarjargal, L. Andersen, P. Held, P. Becker:
    Triclinic pedial sarcosinium hydrogen L(+)tartrate - crystal growth, pyroelectricity, thermal expansion and linear optical properties. Cryst. Res. Technol. 54 (2019) 1900040 (11 pp).
  • A. Revelli, M. Moretti Sala, G. Monaco, P. Becker, L. Bohatý, M. Hermanns, T. Koethe, T. Fröhlich, P. Warzanowski, T. Lorenz, S.V. Streltsov, P.H.M. Van Loosdrecht, D.I. Khomskii, J. van den Brink, M. Grüninger: Resonant inelastic x-ray incarnation of Young's double-slit experiment Science Advances 5 (2019) eaav4020.


  • T. Fröhlich, J. Stein, L. Bohatý, P. Becker, A. Gukasov, M. Braden: Structural and magnetic phase transitions in Cs2[FeCl5(H2O)]. J. Phys.: Cond. Matter 30 (2018) 295403 (10 pp).
  • A.A. Kaminskii, L. Bohatý, E. Libowitzky, H. Rhee, O. Lux, H.J. Eichler, R. Kleinschrodt, H. Yoneda, A. Shirakawa, P. Becker: Spodumene, α-LiAlSi2O6 – a new natural SRS-active crystal with three χ(3)-promoting vibrational modes. Opt. Materials 78 (2018) 235-246.