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Dr. Benedikt Ritter

Phone +49 221 470-2963

E-Mail: benedikt.ritter(at)

Ongoing Projects

Landscape and climate evolution in arid to hyperarid climates - Atacama Desert

  • Using terrestrial sediment archives to reconstruct paleoclimate and surface activity in hyperarid environments
  • Terrestrial Cosmogenic Nuclide (TCN) dating of geomorphological features (alluvial fans, shorelines, inactive fluvial channel, tectonic fault scarps) to reconstruct past climate variations in hyperarid environments
  • Determining erosion/denudation rates in hyperarid environments using multiple cosmogenic nuclide isotopes (10Be, 26Al, 21Ne)
  • Inferring existence and duration of hiatuses in sedimentary archives using cosmogenic nuclides
  • Reconstructing incision histories of fluvial drainages

Flood frequency reconstructions in Northern Sweden

  • Reconstruction of flood events in lacustrine records. Determining major climatic/atmospheric forcing factors --> Cooperation: University Bern (Dr. H. Vogel), University of Cologne (Organic Geochemistry - Prof. J. Rethemeyer - Dr. M. Thienemann)  "Neoglacial transition of atmospheric circulation patterns over Fennoscandia recorded in Holocene Lake Torneträsk sediments" Thienemann et al. 2018 Boreas