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Dr. Joel Mohren


Phone +49 221 470-89868

E-Mail: joel.mohren(at)

Current research

  • Impact of Quaternary climate and climate change on erosion and soil production in arid to semi-arid “natural laboratories” – northern and central Chile
  • Measurement of plutonium isotopes to investigate Anthropocene soil particle redistribution (
  • Photogrammetric modelling of clast specimen and automatisation of point cloud cleaning procedures
  • Contribution of sapping processes to the erosion of arable land at Erftstadt-Blessem during the July 2021 flood event
  • Quaternary evolution of alluvial fans along the coastal ranges in the Atacama and Namib deserts

Field of interests

  • Investigation of Earth-shaping processes such as erosion, denudation and soil production on multiple time scales during the Quaternary, including the Anthropocene
  • Geochronology
  • Analysis of remote sensing data
  • Method application and development in measuring plutonium isotopes from environmental samples and in 2.5D/3D photogrammetric modelling