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Prof. Dr. Carsten Münker

Telefon +49 221 470-3198

Telefax +49 221 470-5199

E-Mail: c.muenker(at)uni-koeln.de


Cosmochemistry and early evolution of the Earth

  • Dating core formation and silicate differentiation in early solar system objects and planets, using long and short lived radioactive decay systems (Hf-W, Nb-Zr, Lu-Hf).
  • Search for nucleosynthetic anomalies in meteorites.
  • Behaviour of trace elements during silicate differentiation on the Moon and on small asteroids.
  • The Pb isotope evolution of the Earth.

High Temperature geochemistry

  • Early crustal differentiation processes (e.g., 3.8Ga to 2.8 Ga crustal evolution in Greenland).
  • Subduction zone processes (Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Kamchatka, Tonga Kermadec, New Zealand, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Greece).
  • Mid ocean ridge volcanism and ophiolites (Mid Atlantic Ridge, Cyprus).
  • Intraplate volcanism (New Zealand, Siebengebirge).
  • Global mass budget of the extended high field strength element group in igneous systems.
  • Lu-Hf geochronology.

Low Temperature geochemistry

  • Lu-Hf dating of biogenic phosphates
  • Bone diagenesis
  • Fe isotope fractionation in soils
  • Mass budget of high field strength elements in aqueous systems

Method developments - Mass Spectrometry

  • Development of new techniques for chromatographic trace element separation for isotope ratio measurements.
  • Development of new techniques in ICP mass spectrometry with an emphasis on Multicollector ICPMS.
  • High precision trace element measurements by isotope dilution (e.g., Nb/Ta, ZrHf and Ta/W measurements).


  • Introduction to geochemistry (2nd year)
  • Introduction to isotope geochemistry (3rd to 4th year)
  • Geodynamics, magmatism and metamorphism (1st year)
  • Introductory Lecture "The Earth" (1st year) (Topics: Early solar system evolution, mantle dynamics, volcanism and plate tectonics)
  • Igneous Petrology
  • Practicals in trace element and isotope geochemistry (3rd to 6th year)
  • Volcanological and petrological field trips (Eifel, Siebengebirge, Canary Island, Cyprus, Cyclades, Zermatt) (all levels)

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