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Prof. Dr. Michael Staubwasser

 +49 221 470-6153

Telefax +49 221 470-5199

E-Mail: m.staubwasser(at)uni-koeln.de

Research Interests

Processes causing stable isotope variations in the environment to understand (bio)geochemical element cycling and their application to reconstruct the past

  • The impact of past climate changes on human societies
    • Conventional oxygen and carbon isotopes in carbonate archives of the last 100 000 years
      • Speleothems
      • Marine Carbonates
      • Lacustrine Carbonates
  • Triple oxygen isotopes in the water cycle
    • Evaporation
    • Budgets of the water cycle
  • Conventional hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in the water cycle
  • The biogeochemical cycle of iron and other redox-sensitive trace elements
    • Iron isotopes in the (marine) environment
      • Water column
      • Sediments and Early Diagenesis
    • Other redox-sensitive metal isotopes in the environment